Keto Pasta Brands to Buy Under 5g of Net Carbs

The 5 Best Keto Pasta Brands to Buy Under 5g of Net Carbs

I was looking for a pasta dish that is low in carbs and also keto-friendly. Look no further than the five best keto pasta brands below! Shirataki noodles, balls of spaghetti squash, low-carb lasagna noodles, zucchini pasta, and cooked spaghetti all fit the bill.

1. Shirataki noodles 

Shirataki noodles are low-carbohydrate noodle that is popular for their dietary keto diet. Shirataki noodles come with little carbs and are a great choice for people who follow a ketogenic diet. 

Shirataki noodles are also suitable for people with food allergies or intolerances to other types of pasta.

2. Balls of spaghetti squash 

Balls of spaghetti squash are a low-carbohydrate alternative to pasta that is perfect for keto dieters. In addition, they are easy to cook and have a delicate flavor. Balls of spaghetti squash also have 2 grams of net carbs per serving.

3. Low-carb lasagna noodles 

If you are following a keto diet, lasagna is one of the dishes that you should take advantage of. One of the best keto-friendly lasagna noodles brands is Zucchini noodle company. 

Zucchini noodle makes low-carb lasagna noodles with high-quality ingredients and does not contain carbs or gluten. 

Zucchini noodle company also offers gluten-free options for people with a gluten allergy.

4. Zucchini pasta 

Zucchini pasta is a low-carb pasta that is slimming and delicious. It is high-fiber, so it helps to keep you full for a longer period. Zucchini pasta is gluten-free, so people with dietary restrictions can enjoy it. 

Below are five of the best keto pasta brands to buy under 5g of net carbs:

1) Sabatini Nutritionals has an excellent zucchini spaghetti product that comes at 2g net carbs per serving. This brand also offers other low-carbohydrate pasta, including regular spaghetti and fettuccine.

2) Nutrition carries a variety of zucchini noodles in both fresh and dried forms, each offering 3g or fewer net carbs per cup (or bowl). They also have a vegetable lasagna noodle made from zucchini that clocks in at just 1g net carbs per serving! 

3) Perfect Keto has two products containing pureed zucchini as their main ingredient: their Classic Zoodle Recipe Pasta contains only 4 grams of total carbohydrate while their Cauliflower version only CARBS 2 NET GRAINS PER SERVING! These recipes offer great flavor without all the guilt. 

4) Dr. J’s Low Carb Penne features six different penne shapes made entirely from vegetables – no refined starch content! The individual servings come in at 3g or fewer carbs apiece making this one ideal.

5. Cooked spaghetti 

Cooked spaghetti is a great option for people looking to eat low-carb pasta. Cooked spaghetti tastes great, is filling, doesn’t contain unhealthy ingredients, and can be easily customized according to your preferences.


In this blog, we discussed the five best keto pasta brands that have zero net carbs. Of all the products listed, Shirataki noodles are considered the healthiest. They are low-carb noodles made from tofu or konjac flour and water.

Balls of spaghetti squash are also very low-carb and a good alternative for those who love pasta but want to eat something healthy instead of carb-heavy.

Lasagna noodles have fewer carbs than regular lasagna but still, provide enough flavor and nutrition to make them a desirable option.

Zucchini pasta is another popular choice because it is high in dietary fiber and has fewer calories than other types of pasta. Lastly, cooked spaghetti is perfect if you’re looking for something quick.


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